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Occupation:   Insurance Agent

Age:   23

Country:   United States



I work 2 jobs, 7 days a week to be able to afford a vacation every now and then. Traveling is my number one joy in life. Live music and traveling. I'm a parrot head at heart and have been a beach fanatic my entire life. I couldn't picture myself on vacation anywhere other than on a beach. I make new friends everywhere I go and love to bring friends along with me as some are just as crazy as I am. I feel I'm the perfect candidate because I've never been to Cancun or experinced anything it has to offer so everyday will be a whole new adventure. I have also decided that if chosen, I will split all the money I earn from this with my favorite charity called The Spirit of Hope Foundation. I would also love to select some of the kids from the charity to come down and spend a week or so, as most of them don't even know what a resteraunt is. I have never been able to give the charity money, only my time in volunteering at events. But being able to give back to them would mean the world to me and those kids.
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Zachary Wallace
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