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Occupation:   Real estate agent

Age:   33

Country:   Mexico

Team Members:   Craig Allan Whipple, Sean Anthony, Sean Sullivan,Jose Abreau,



I travel to understand! I become addicted to travel after The 08 crash I moved to Seoul and it changed my life became a part of my life forever! Sense that time I have been exploring the world doing two 6 month vacations in SEAsia tried living in Vietnam and the Philippines. Me and my brother drove to Puerto Vallarta and lived there about 5 years ago. Just over a year ago I drove from Canada to CaboSanLucas. I have made a great life in Cabo but dream of the white sandy beaches from the Caribbean! I have temporary residence already so would be an easy transition! I am very well read and love listing and teaching about history and culture! I have a huge network of people I have met thru my travels and could put together a team of talent and character including my brother that looks just like me he lives in Mexico city and had traveled more then me! I have spent years running my own businesses so can put a great team together and manage them!
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Zach whipple
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