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Occupation:   Retired IT manager, Travel age

Age:   57

Country:   Canada

Team Members:   Yves Lavoie



Travel is my life, it made me what i am today, open to the world and the people. I've never been to Yucatan or Cancun region, but i've been in Mexico DF, i have family there, i also went to Mazatlan, Acapulco, Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo. I've visited over 30 countries including India, VietNam, China, Argentina, Chile, France, Netherlands, UK and i can go on. I speak a little Spanish, i manage, Latin language, my mother's tongue is French. In 2015, i was on in cruise in Bora Bora, i decided to never go back to work to my IT job, i resigned coming back home and started to work as an external travel agent just to be busy. I'm not the kind to stay at home watching TV. The video i pasted is me interviewed by Canadian National media. . I get the attention of the media with my Facebook and Twitter accounts, i can get attention of travelers too.
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Yves Lavoie
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