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Occupation:   Concierge Prive Travels

Age:   22

Country:   Mexico



I love to travel because I view the world as a big playground, so many people to meet a lot of things to see, taste, feel and learn. I refuse to get an office job. Everything I do is remotely so I can be able to work from wherever I am and enjoy my life with beautiful views that this planet has to offer. I feel this is a job, I get the whole purpose of wanting to better promote this beautiful speck of heaven on earth. Lately, Riviera Mayas reputation has been tarnished by the media and needs it’s real beauty, essence, and culture spread out for the world to come enjoy. I have lived in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo for 8 years now and was raised with mayan culture and learned a lot of their history through their stories and school. I have visited a ton of the rich nature places the Yucatan peninsula has to offer, cenotes, beaches, islands, bars, hotels, clubs uncountable daily activities to do here. I feel uniquely suited to be a travel advocate for Cancun because I have a good eye for photos, I am a good story teller and I love to visit and touristy places even if I am a local and know the hole in the wall secrets Riviera Maya has. . I am a very social media savvy millennial and know how to make people engage with social media feed. I love to take photos and videos with my professional camera and go pro and be out of my comfort zone while doing it. I've been looking for a reason to take more footage of the Riviera Maya and to be able to portray the real paradise it actually is. Thank you for your time.
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vanessa camarena
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