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Occupation:   Medical Receptionist

Age:   39

Country:   United States



I have lived in the Iowa my whole life, so other than farmland and trees, there are not many too many different places to explore! I grew up taking vacations with my family but we took our camper and didn't stay in hotels. There are so many great memories that were created by going on these vacations. I feel that traveling, whether it's with family or friends, just gives you a certain connection. A few reasons that I feel suited to be the travel advocate: * With turning 40 in 3 months, what better way to spend half of the year!! * I love new adventures and meeting new people. If there is a way for me to have a positive impact on someone, I would love to be given that opportunity. I'm a very sociable person. * Seeing other cultures and experiencing their way of life is important. It gives you the perspective of what they have to go through on a daily basis, just to get by. There are many times in life that I feel bad luck is the only luck I have, but I try to remind myself that I really don't have it as bad as I think. * I have dealt with thyroid cancer and my husband being in rehab for addiction, showing myself that I am stronger than I realized. Being on my own in a different country, would really challenge me mentally. Sometimes in life, you need to be challenged, whether it is by accident or by choice! I would love to have this opportunity to be a travel advocate for Cancun!
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Valerie Gregori
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