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Occupation:   Fine dining Waiter/Manager

Age:   22

Country:   United States



I travel because simply enough, none of us will ever be able to visit every country ever. However, we can try as hard as we can to do as much as we can. Travel is a priority because I enjoy learning about new cultures and new things. I just moved back to Virginia from Fort Lauderdale and learned so much about different cultures, lifestyles and so much more. That's what has inspired me to want to do this so badly. It's a new passion of mine. Finally, I feel suited for the position because I haven't really found my true calling in life yet career wise. I am a people person and as kind as they come, and can get a long with any person in the world. I always think like "there is a job out there for me, someday" this in my mind could be it. I promise, if this is even read by someone, I will impress you and not let you down, and will represent your company as well as can be possibly done. I am also an avid social media user, I know that's big for anyone representing a company as well. Thank you for your time.
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Tyler Hampton
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