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Occupation:   SEO Marketing

Age:   22

Country:   United States



I travel in order to separate myself from my day-to-day lifestyle, in order to whole fully absorb cultures outside of my own. My (late) adoptive mother spent most of her life traveling the world alongside my adoptive father, who was in the military. My mother would regale me with her many adventures abroad, filling me with an unquenchable sense of wanderlust, thus sparking a passion for travel in me at a young age. I feel suited for this position as for I have never visited Mexico, my time would be spent immersed in this new environment. I would be able to provide a unique perspective, as a newcomer to a foreign land, intent on discovering all I can about it in my short tenure therein. Beyond that, I have experience working in the booming tourism industry within Colorado, giving me insight into what individuals seek in their travels. Additionally, I worked as a content writer within the tourism industry, so I am already adept at creating tourism related content of all kinds. Along with my background, I am incredibly open to experiences, and am always enthusiastic about trying new things, I would use this time I would be graciously given to live up the experience to the fullest. In all honesty, this is a job I would do for free, and this statement would prove true in the incredible work ethic I would bring in my tenure as a travel advocate.
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Travis Matt
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