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Occupation:   Marketing Director

Age:   35

Country:   United States

Team Members:   Tracie Conner, Ryan Conner & Mia Conner



We began traveling in 2013, after I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. We realized that the best time is 'now' and to travel and see as much as possible. We have a bad case of Wanderlust and it has rubbed off on our daughter, Mia. She has taken 6 round trips and is only 11 months old! We are always smiling and laughing; living life to it's very fullest! We also don't hold back and are extremely open in all aspects of our lives! We were even on National Television 3 times to tell our story. :) Please note: Our video attached showcases our family on the Rachael Ray show with Oprah! Please watch! :)
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Tracie Conner
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