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Occupation:   Office manager & Excavator Lan

Age:   25

Country:   United States

Team Members:   Torren Harrison, Justine Saminago, Nate Yaw, Cole Connelly



I always wanted to travel I grew up in the military and on the contrary believe I never traveled I have lived and three states and lived most my life in Alaska. I am a very outgoing guy I love to go out and experience as much as I can. I have a motto of "sleep when you die" and "don't want to miss a second". I have had a rough past couple of years my best friend took his life, my aunt passed away, my gf for 3 years had a horrible drug addiction and broke my heart, and to top it at the moment my closes family member is passing away. I really need a change in my life, as soon as I heard of the opportunity I thought mine as well, why not, what do I have to loose. I don't have any kids, I am single no gf, and looking for the best time of my life. Not to mention I have all social media and enough followers to show off my experience and also more to gain once words gets out. I am a loyal hard worker and give his opportunity you will not be disappointed. I thank you for your time, coming a the way from Alaska. Torren H 9073427603
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Torren Harrison
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