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Occupation:   TV Host / Writer

Age:   46

Country:   United States



I quit my corporate job 2 years ago to travel the world in search of the greatest mystics and healers. I was based in Cusco, Peru for one year. Thus, I have developed a love for all Spanish-speaking countries -- that is -- the color, the vibrancy, the culture of all Spanish-speaking countries. I have interviewed shaman in the Amazon Jungle, hiked the Inca Trail, and gone sandboarding down a 50-foot sand dune in Huacachina. I am a host/writer for EDGEtv.com and I would like to bring those skills to the table in showcasing Cancun and Mexico in a way that captures the hearts and minds of our viewers. Let's many captivating and honest street interviews with locals!! Let's get different viewpoints to highlight the great footage! Let's tell some stories about Cancun that will surprise people! People think that they already know what Cancun is about. Let's show them that they don't!
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Scott Witman
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