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Occupation:   Delta Airlines

Age:   25

Country:   United States



Where many people strive to work for a new car, house, etc I strive to be the most experienced world traveler. Traveling is a way for me to escape the working class world and to intake what world truly has to offer! Meeting new people is what I admire a lot about traveling and experienceing new and exciting cultures. I feel I can be a travel advocate for Cancun, because I currently work for Delta Airlines and many people follow my travels I take in all my social media accounts. I’ve influenced many people to travel to destination I’ve been too. I helped ease many people with travel anxiety by posting pictures of fun and exciting locations such as restaurants, shows, museums, etc. Also the amazing night the city i visit has to offer. Include many tips such as hotel recommendations and safe options for transportation. Most importantly I don’t mind answering any questions! I’m a open book :)
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Sameer Shah
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