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Occupation:   Labor Worker for my father

Age:   23

Country:   United States



I'm not much of a traveler and I would love to experience it. I feel like it would give a very raw look into what someone who actually hasn't been to any of these places a look at what it's really like to go there. I've changed my path a couple years ago for the better to be able to travel more, as while I'm not there yet, this would open my eyes for that. It would also allow me to start a YouTube vlogging channel; Like I want to do eventually when I start making enough money to travel. The video that I linked is the closest thing that I have to a video for this kind of thing. I made it in a couple days when I got my first ever GoPro. Been too busy to make more, but I love the idea of creating and I think that this would be an awesome experience and benefit us both for the better.
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Patrick Hipkins
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