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Occupation:   Graduate college in 4 weeks

Age:   23

Country:   United States



I visited Playa del Carmen and Cancun when I was 16 and it was one of my best experiences. It was my first time visiting another country and we were eager to explore. We visited the markets, went scuba diving in the Caribbean Sea, and had fun with the nightlife. I also witnessed a fisherman catch a shark when too. My love for traveling started from my parents growing up. We would go on camping trips every year and visit different parts of the country. I’ve white water rafted on the Colorado River, climbed to the highest point of the Yunque Rain Forest in Puerto Rico and toured the forts. Camped in Wyoming and took in Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park, skied down mountains in Bozeman Montana, snorkeled the Caribbean Sea when in Playa del Carmen and watched my brother get drafted into the NHL by the Los Angeles Kings in the first round when the draft was in LA. It was so cool when everybody in the Staples Center started chanting his name.
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Nicholas Forbort
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