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Occupation:   Freelance media creator & DN

Age:   34

Country:   Argentina


One of the things I like the most about travelling is that it trains me in making decisions with insufficient information, knowing that it is insufficient. This courage, that needs to be combined with attention and awareness; is a good metaphore for life in general. Information is always incomplete. Choosing implies risking. And still, questions should be asked, attention paid, intuition is to be developed and outcomes are to be accepted. Travelling doesn’t only train courage, attention and acceptance but also a joyful optimistic spirit in the face of lack of control and overwhelming uncertainty. It pushes us to trust the surroundings, almost always made of absolute strangers from a different culture. I believe the growing empathy we develop when we travel has a positive impact in the world. Every time I used to come back from a trip, I wished for myself to be able to preserve that awareness and presence, that ability to trust and accept. I have now made travelling my lifestyle and couldn't be any happier about it. I feel uniquely suited to be an advocate for Cancun because I meet every requirement you listed in your call for entries. I am an experienced traveler, filmmaker and artist, which means I offer a good combination of technical skills and on camera presence. Also, flexibility and adaptation are my usual way. I speak perfect English and Spanish and have good communication with and understanding of both the local culture and the audience's culture. I have volunteered in local communities in Nicaragua and Argentina and really value these types of experiences. My degree is in documentary filmmaking so I would be thrilled to produce some content with these topics in a docu style. This year I created and coordinated a digital nomads gathering in Nicaragua and I was a speaker at the first Digital Nomad International Conference held in Latin America. I am also a nature and outdoor sports experienced enthusiast. Throw any activity at me (surfing, diving, kitesurfing, wakeboarding, mountain biking, paragliding, etc.) and I'll be a fast learner who enjoys the bumps on the road. I am currently in Playa del Carmen and have become a rescue diver here. I've diven with bullsharks and in over 10 caverns in the cenotes around here. I am also an intermediate level surfer. I occasionally work as live performer (dancer or singer) which means I am used to exposure and stage adrenaline. What else can I say without sounding too proud? I am just full of energy and already doing most of the things Cancun.com needs from his/her advocate. I truly hope you choose to trust me with this wonderful new role to share the wonders of this magic corner of the world.