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Occupation:   Piano shop

Age:   33

Country:   United States

Team Members:   Michael Wilson, Marci Allen



We are musicians, adaptable, as we rebuild pianos for a career we spend a lot of time bring out the best in things. We dont belive in amterial things as much as we believe in moments and experiences. When we are creating experiences we are happy. We are adaptable and handle change often. We have built mikespianoshop.com together and we interact with people really well. I love to freedive, We have made music videos so I could take my drone and give you guys amazing scenic photography, a very emotionally connected experience. We dont just sit around, we like to find at least 1 service oriented thing to do while vacationing. I would love to take my piano tuning tools and experience and maybe fix up a few local pianos while there. We can get dirty and we can be extremely classy. Im telling you we are your absolute best couple. go look at our business reviews, our music video comments, and our personal family pages. we would be extremely marketable for the demographic that has enough money to visit cancun. I want to make this a win win for you guys, not just a freebie. I can pay and go there if I want but I would love to help you guys and build a cool experience with my wife.
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Mike Wilson
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