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Occupation:   Gym owner

Age:   42

Country:   United States

Team Members:   Michael, Vanesa, David, Nico Lopez



Why do we travel? Here it goes in parts. 1: FOOD! We love to eat. Eating with family is always a wonderful experience but who is family? Family is everyone and anyone who is sitting next to us. We love sitting with people from all over the world, sharing a meal with them, learning who they are, where they are from, and what they are enjoying. We have made some extraordinary friends doing this. Its great to meet as strangers and after a good meal, walk away as friends. 2: Drink! Mom and dad here love to have a good drink! Vanesa loves a good fruity mojito or a lemondrop and dad loves anything with a small umbrella in it (He doesn't care who knows). The kids love drinking strawberry lemonades and strawberry smoothies. 3: Dance: We carry a mini speaker with us everywhere we go because we are always dancing as a family. You will find us moving and bobbing our heads to music all day and night long. If you ever see us dancing, please join us. 4: Travel: We love seeing what this world has to offer. There is always something to see, something to do, people to meet, and new places to fall in love with. 5: Parent: As parents it is our job to be teachers and educators to our children. It is our job to teach our kids to love, to care, to help them to see thru the eyes of other people, not to judge, and to have compassion for everyone in this world. Its our job to teach them about history so they learn about the mistakes that have been made so they are never repeated. These are the reasons why we travel. We would be wonderful travel advocates because there are so many amazing things to do as a family but we do not limit ourselves because we are parents. As an energetic couple we see Cancun as a vibrant and colorful dance floor to enjoy all night long. We love adventure, history, the people of Cancun, love to play tour guide and love social media.
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Michael Lopez
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