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Occupation:   Videographer/Editor

Age:   21

Country:   United States



So the truth is, I have never been outside of the United States... Ok once I went to Tijuana for 6 hours but do you really think that counts? I am a beginner when it comes to actually traveling, but not when it comes to enjoying life and portraying that experience through my camera lens. Although I haven't traveled I know this is more of a strength than a weakness. I have a HUGE personality which I believe will create organic and candid reactions that will resonate much more with the large majority of travelers that are looking for information and who usually have little experience. I am extremely comfortable in front of and behind a camera at any moment of any day. I have no responsibilities to work around, I work for myself completely from home and don't have school, a pet, nothing. I am very active and engaging on social media (commenting, liking, DMing, live videos, replying to everyone, always respectful & informative). I have grown my personal business entirely from networking through the internet. I am extremely self motivated, easy to work with, eager to please, and above all else I am VERY passionate about social media/video content and how it can change the world. Not to mention, the business I created is all about editing & creating content for social media... I do it all day every day, it's truly my passion. Give me a call and you will wonder why you hadn't sooner.
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Matthew Crabtree
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