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Occupation:   Musician/Golfer/personality

Age:   35

Country:   United States



How not to be a dumb american. Ridicule of the current culture, making logical and ethical choices, how not to be a douche American while on vacation. "Don't be a Dick", will be a episode. Constant pointing out asshole moves by americans on vacation down there. Showing the extreme poverty and contrasting it constantly with the vacation lifestyle and spreading the greatness of the new generation of humans actually trying to change the world, not just promote raping the locals and shitting on their lifestyle. Exposing the corrupt hotels that prey upon tourists, a the while pointing out the typical douchebag foreigner vacation asshole, or ex pat, or whatever......really take some risk and tell the truth. I speak almost fluent Spanish and can gather and hire a great team. Travelled the world can adapt and write. cheers, matt
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Matt Dean
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