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Occupation:   World Traveler & writer

Age:   31

Country:   United Kingdom



I'm a born traveler. I in my 31 years, I have never lived in the same country for more than 5 consecutive years. I travel for many reasons. One being that travel adds so much value to my life, it opens my mind to not only see, taste and breathe new cultures and ways of living, but it adds to who I evolve into being as a human being. Travel opens my eyes to the world and gives me the opportunity to share why it is so important to leave our comfort zones to explore. We get so caught up in our lives, the routine, the responsibilities, that we forget that we deserve some time to deepen our connection with ourselves and others around the globe. well, 2 and a half years ago, I was stuck in this vicious cycle of corporate living and working. I was not happy. My soul wanted to be free. I decided to quit my job and set off with all of my savings. It has been such a magical experience living life fully around the globe, absorbing and sharing. Today, I am still on the road, with the same money I left with, countless stories to share, and hundreds of people I have inspired along the way. my goal is to inspire as many people as I can. I love writing about my adventures and sharing with videos. I am definitely not camera shy and can be extremely bold sometimes to help people snap out of their hypnosis. I feel that I being the CEO (travel advocate) is sort of a perfect role for me. I feel we would be perfect for each other. However, that is only what I feel from my end. The rest is up to you! Thank you for taking the time to read my brief introduction. I have a very interesting life and many experiences to share, which I would love to go into more detail if you are interested in knowing more.
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Marzia Ferraris
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