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Occupation:   Life Skill instructor

Age:   31

Country:   United States



i travel because i love discovering new and different places outside of my home. Being able to meet new people, explore different cultures, and learn about the countries history is what makes traveling special for me. There's nothing like having a real life experiences that you can remember for years. And that is what traveling does for me. since then traveling has always been a priority for me. its an escape outside of your normal life. I feel that i would be perfect for this opportunity because i love to travel, it would be a natural thing for me to accomplish. My character, friendly attitude, positive vibes, fearlessness of trying new things would be a perfect fit for this job. I love interacting with people, learning new things and sharing it with others. Each vacation i take i love using social media as a platform to show people what is out there. I visited Mexico 2 years ago and i fell in love. i wish my stay was longer. I definitely cant wait to return. This would be a dream job/opportunity for me.
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Marquita Bent
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