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Occupation:   ADVENTURER

Age:   20

Country:   United States



I was born and raised in Nashville, TN. I attended the University of Louisville for a year. College was awesome! The beginning of my second year I started questioning why I was really in school. A few months prior, my grandmother, who doubled as my second parent my entire life, passed away due to cancer. Her and my mom had always encouraged me to surround myself with people, places and things that promoted the most positivity. So sitting in the library a few days into my second year, I called my mom with an idea. “Hey mom, I think I want to drop out and travel the country.” So you’re thinking, well yeah every college kid would like to do that, but I was determined to make it happen. Raised by a single mom, I was taught independence and determination at a young age. If I wanted something, I worked for it. So I decided to pursue an education through the outside world (people, places and experiences), instead of a classroom- for now. I stopped paying rent and bills in Louisville, and moved back home to Nashville to work and save money. In March, I bought a 1988 GMC van that would get me across the country. On May 13th, my 20th birthday, me and my german shepherd pup took off on our adventure. I have since crossed through 14 states and have travelled down the entire west coast. The universe has been so lovely to me. I have met incredible people and seen incredible things. I have such a positive outlook on life and the experiences it holds. I am a happy human!
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Lea Mutter
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