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Occupation:   Travel Writer and Producer

Age:   32

Country:   United States

Team Members:   Krista Simmons, Daniel Simmons, Michael Kretovics



I live to make inspiring, shareable travel content showcasing the best stories in the food and travel around the globe. I think in the world we live in, travel is so incredibly important to help us not only understand other cultures, but who we are as people. I got into the game working in the world of wine while at UC Santa Cruz, and have held jobs in the restaurant industry since I was 15. After college I spent about a year working on farms around the globe, and then came home to start writing and shooting food and travel pieces on a freelance basis. I immediately fell in love with the direct impact I could have on others, inspiring them to see the world differently. Since then I've worked as a writer, editor, and producer for about 10 years. Travel and exploration is not only a priority, it literally is my life. I've launched my own production company -- Fork in te Road Media -- to cover travel, and I feel that with my unique background of being a journalist and visual storyteller combined with my team's video skills, we'd definitely be the best folks to tell the story of Cancun and the incredible heritage in the region.
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Krista Simmons
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