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Occupation:   Social Media Inflencer/Blogger

Age:   26

Country:   Italy

Team Members:   Klaudia Shabani; Giovanni Gurini



We love to travel and share the experience at our best with people; We make wonderful Professional Photos and Different style videos: from more fun and young to trailers and documentaries. Through our professional work and high quality content we show the best of the places we visit and deliver 100% the feeling and emotion of visiting Cancun! The great part of the job is done through social media, because We are specialist in the use of social media platforms and online marketing strategies, in fact in italy we are known as Travel Influencers. We have been travelling from 18 months in Asia sofar, working with tourism companies and luxury hotels; we fully enjoy this working experience because we have strongly wanted and chosen this path, building everything step by step. We feel very confident approaching with people and make them feel comfortable, having the best of them and showing it's beauty.. in Cancun this will be a very interesting task since has amazing things to show and talk about with our followers and people that isn't eventually interested but will be soon after! We are the perfect advocates for cancun because we can relate to many travellers and are confident in delivering the message of visiting this place, showing from the most touristic things to finding the hidden gems that make Cancun so exclusive.
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Klaudia Shabani
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