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Occupation:   Executive Assistant

Age:   51

Country:   United States

Team Members:   Kathy Boni, Pat Boni, Calina Boni, Dante Boni



Travel is important and a priority in our lives because it is great family bonding plus we believe it's important for families to experience different cultures to see their way of living etc. With us you will get the perspectives at ALL levels, from family experiences to nightclubs (our kids are 18 and 13 so no babysitter needed) as well as romance (again no sitter needed). We are a YOUNG/OLDER couple who have experienced a lot in our years here on earth, which we believe you need a little older generation (NOT TOO OLD though-LOL) so appreciation can be had in all aspects. Sometimes when you get the younger crowd, they will only focus on the younger things to do. You will have the proper evaluations at ALL levels with us!!!
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Kathy Boni
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