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Occupation:   Content Creator

Age:   26

Country:   United States

Team Members:   Kara Harms, Robin Berenson



I travel for me, of course. I travel for food, new friendships, different experiences. But mostly, I travel for others. See, I grew up in a small Wisconsin town where change is scary and the most exotic of family vacations are to Disney World. The first time I left the country was when I was 14 - I went the Yucatan and I fell in love with how magical the cenotes were. The blue waters of Ilsa Murejes made me never want to stop exploring. Since, I've lived abroad and been to 4 World Wonders. Each time I embark on a new trip, I'm usually told I'm "so brave." I think there are a lot of Americans who want to explore this world, but they don't know where to get started, so they start to think a normal person like themselves doesn't belong in most corners of the world.That's why I started my travel blog, Whimsy Soul - I break the paths for my peers and bring back the information and inspiration they need to follow suit. When people see a normal redheaded girl from Wisconsin boarding down a volcano in Nicaragua, they think "that's not as scary as I thought. I can do that, too" For the practical reason I should be the next CEO? I spent 8 years photographing weddings professionally and spent 4 years working in social media for startups. I started a lifestyle blog and have grown it to over 65k community members. Storytelling and content creation is in my blood. It's my secret weapon. So, I travel for me, I travel for tacos and late nights at pubs with new friends. I travel to photograph sunrises for Instagram and for swimming in warm waters, but above all, I travel for the story to tell others.
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Kara Harms
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