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Occupation:   Health Navigator

Age:   30

Country:   United States



I travel in order to learn about different cultures and gain various experiences. To me, traveling is a way to learn and learning isn't something we stop doing at school. So far in my life I have traveled to Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, and Mexico. Traveling is a priority for me because it's the only thing that can allow us to see how the world really is rather than taking things how we see in the news. It's the only way people can gain information and have an open mind. I feel I'm uniquely suited to be a travel advocate for Cancun because I traveled to Cancun last year. I was there for a week and during my time there I visited Playa Del Carmen, Xplor Adventure Park, and the Coba pyramid. Even though I still have much more to see and learn, I have a enough experience in Cancun to be a great advocate.
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Jose Santillan
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