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Occupation:   Television and Film Producer

Age:   36

Country:   United States

Team Members:   "Lincoln" Jose Blanco, Johanna Martinez



I travel because you only live once. There is so much in this world to see. It'll be a shame to have lived on this earth and not experience what it has to offer, even if it's just a little bit. I am a person that appreciates. I am a person that wants to share. The message I want to send about Cancun and surrounding areas is that it's more than just spring break. It's a place for families, for relationships, for friendships, for relaxing, for history. The motto for the show will be "No matter how many times you may visit, there is always something more, different, and new to experience." Let's visit Bacalar and swim in a cenote, visit an old fort, and rub some mud on us! How about visiting a hidden water park in Mahahual? Ever seen a light show at night on the Pyramids of Chichen Itza? How about visiting the town Valladolid near them. Cozumel is wonderful and a can't miss place, but have you ever heard of Holbox and Isle Mujeres. The list goes on and on!
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Jose Blanco
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