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Occupation:   Digital Marketing Manager

Age:   23

Country:   Canada



The reason I travel is that I believe that a person should always stay curious; seeking answers without being told, experiencing the situation first hand, and never expecting change without some hard work in a superior team environment. I have always been willing to work, to help in any way I can, and to ensure that I can get involved in a variety of ways. The way that I produce, communicate, and manage has started me on a road of ambition and has kept me being very detail oriented. On several occasions, I have received recognition and awards for outstanding work, team building, and leadership. Travelling has always been a priority in my life. The past two years have been a rollercoaster of adventure spanning from North America, most of Europe, Middle East, Asia, New Zeland and living in Australia the past year to complete my goal of living abroad. It had always been my goal to leave the warmth and familiar surroundings of my home in Canada and venture out to complete a challenge that will use all my skills, experiences and knowledge. Now that I have completed this I m onto the next bucket list item of living in another country and continuing a life of outstanding experiences! I have literally made travelling such a priority that I left my family, friends and job to make my travel goals come true. I m uniquely suited to be a travel advocate due to the fact I have travel experience and forever want to share my experiences in person and online. I have always had others drawn towards me and to my ideas of travel and how I live my life as a working holiday traveller. I always have friends and strangers ask me how to start on the path that I fought to make my own, and I get so excited to share with them! I m always up for the next big thing, have always been known for my out-going, non-stop and adventures personality and love to show others how to live a life where smiles don't fade and your constantly learning about new places, activities and how others live day to day. With that, I would like to thank you for your time of reading my application!
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Jordan Legros
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