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Occupation:   Dj/music producer

Age:   25

Country:   Syrian Arab Republic

Team Members:   Johnny , Nachat , Elena , Sawsan , Natalie



Ive been tired of doing my full time job and part time djing 13 hours a day together to save up so we can live properly in dubai , were syrians and its not been easy to travel and start a life somewhere else just like that even though i was born in Dubai.I have been adviced by many of my familly and friends to leave dubai and go out and explore but i waa always worried of taking the risk to start from "0" searching for a job , but i feel like this is the miracle i need to travel with my familly and make the best out of this moment while life is short as we know it ...this is the miracle we need in our rough life right now and i would wish it would come true :)
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Johnny Jarjour
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