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Occupation:   student

Age:   20

Country:   Canada



I love experiencing different cultures and learning about how people around the world live. I spent 3 months in Belgium on an exchange trip when I was in high school and this was my first time in Europe. I experienced the magic of Paris, the history of Brussels, the culture of Cologne, and the beauty of Amsterdam. The main purpose of the trip was to improve my French, but I learned so much more about my priorities and the person I am striving to become. I've also spent time in Africa where I had the opportunity to work in an orphanage, hospital, and school. Giving back to the community of rural Burkina Faso was incredibly rewarding and something I would not hesitate to do again. Someday, I would love to join Doctors Without Borders and am considering spending time abroad this summer shadowing clinicians in Africa. Living in Canada, I've had the opportunity to visit every province through highland dance. Canada is incredibly diverse and I consider myself privileged to live in such a welcoming country. From the prairies, to Rockies, and quaint maritime communities, Canada has so much to offer and I can only imagine what the rest of the world has to offer. I believe I am a unique candidate because of my accepting attitude and go-with-the-flow personality. I love adventure and days with uncertainty and spontaneity. I love being on the go and sharing my experiences with others. When I lived in Belgium, I kept a blog and my community back home followed it religiously. Now that I am in university, I am the Editorial Director for Spoon University at the University of Saskatchewan. I've work closely with editors at the NY headquarters and have published viral articles. My profile can be found here: https://spoonuniversity.com/author/jillianrogers
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Jillian Rogers
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