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Occupation:   Entreprenuer

Age:   23

Country:   United States



Beauty can be found anywhere if you search it. I've most often found it in hidden gems off the charted course and in places in plain sight that most people would turn a blind eye to. For the exhilarating feeling of exploration in a strange land, the local minds and hearts of the people that make a city unique. Traveling is a priority because I've been doing it for 4 years now, and going home sounds nice but I've found true bliss getting lost. from driving in Japan without a map and only a general sense of direction, to wandering in Saigon using grab taxis to remote corners. I'm uniquely suited because i love the ocean, its why i joined the navy, its why I'm just picking up surfing, its why i took a two week vacation to Oahu, my heart belongs there. I also got some jokes , I can talk and relate to most anyone, Oh and i also know Spanish pretty good. My initial plan was to drive a motorcycle from San Antonio to Lima upon the end of military contract in January, but Cancun for 6 months, c'mon, I'd do it for free. With extra spending money i could buy the house margaritas and tacos, i could do all the extra activities tourists do in towns like Cancun. I've been itching for a sky dive. I'm the perfect man for the job. I'm not a marketing major but i don't have to be, Cancun isn't a place you could go, its where we all need to be.
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Jaime Castillo
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