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Occupation:   Actor, filmmaker & musician

Age:   19

Country:   United States



The reason I travel is because I enjoy the opportunity to be able to meet new people and try new things. Everyone has their own view of the world and mine is very optimistic and appreciative of the littlest things in life. People have told me I am the way I am because I have seen so much beauty in this world that it has shaped who I am today. I honestly believe I should be grateful to be able to wake up every morning and be able to think about what I want to do that day, or on any given day. The thing that makes travel a priority in my life is my motto, "Don't just exist. Live!" Live and Enjoy is my motto! In my opinion, you should live your dreams now, because life is simply too short to be living someone else's dreams. I feel I would be uniquely suited to be a travel advocate for Cancun mainly because I am consider myself intelligent and driven. I tend to think of things at every angle possible. I am definitely the entrepreneur type. But I am also resourceful and would most likely think about spending the money on cameras. I basically want to keep doing what im doing now as far as living life, traveling, editing, videos, but on a different level. When I say this I mean I would like to get better cameras and better lighting, filters, mics.. etc.. in order to provide the highest quality productions possible because thats what makes it fun for me! What else do I need the money for? I also believe I am uniquely suited because I am nineteen years old so for that reason many people are impressed by my maturity and view on life. I recently spent three months backpacking in Australia, during off season (meaning not tourist season) and I met the locals from Sydney to Cairns. This was an awesome opportunity to really get to know Australians and not other tourists. I documented this trip via YouTube videos very similar to how Jon Olson or Casey Neistat style. I had a drone, a van, a dog, my surfboard, my cameras, my laptop, editing skills, vision, drive and so much more. I feel this would be a great opportunity for me to be a part of your CEO Cancun campaign because I believe my passions are very aligned with your goal and I know I would be able to collaborate on this idea you have and make it come true. I am the type of person where when I have a vision, and I say I am going to do something.. I make it come true. I am willing to work with you and hope to hear back from you because honestly I'll do it for free.
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Jacob Lopez
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