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Occupation:   Media Production

Age:   30

Country:   United States


I caught the travel bug after an incredible semester in Spain followed by a backpacking trip in Europe. This experience fundamentally changed the way I view life and the paths that laid before me. I was a 4.0 student who wanted nothing to do with the rat race. I wanted more. I demanded more. And I am getting more. I believe everyone should travel NOW not only because it is fun and you get lots of likes on your pictures, but because it has the ability to make you a better person. These experiences shape you and how you interact with the world moving forward. I think this is what sets me apart. I have a deep passion for travel that goes beyond the superficial, and I love to share it in hopes of inspiring others to get outside of their comfort zones. My work experience and personality are a great vessel for doing this and allow me to relate to people in an entertaining way. Passion + Experience + Personality = a triple threat. You can teach a lot of skills but I think you will be hard pressed to find someone as easy going and personable as me (if I have to say so myself). My travel history also puts me in a great position to show many different sides of Cancun and relate to people of various backgrounds. This position is literally my life and I would love to help spread the word about one of Mexico's best travel destinations.