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Occupation:   Currently Unemployed

Age:   24

Country:   United States

Team Members:   Ignacio



I have been to Florida, visited the island keys there, and I have also been to Maui Island, in Hawaii. I know both of those locations are not out of the United states, but when I paid them a visit I had an unbelievable amount of fun, you could see the joy all over my face. I was never a Video Blogger when I paid a visit to either locations, but I still managed to collect footage showing you how much enthusiasm I expressed as I ventured the Island of Maui. I was getting video simply for memories to keep. I made a 1 minute video on YouTube packed with as many little video clips as I could squeeze, showing the immense joy in my face as I went about the activities I had planned during my stay. On this video I narrated a voice over recording explaining why I wanted and deserved this opportunity. It has been a dream of mine to visit Cancun, and not to mention a dream of mine to travel outside of the U.S. I have recently begun to Video Blog on Youtube, so it would be an honer to Video Blog my entire experience and stay for the 6 months in Cancun if you considered giving me this opportunity. I would use all of my Social Media accounts to document my entire experience while my stay there, and would be posting almost daily updating all my followers trying to encourage them to visit Cancun on their next vacation. I am also currently Unemployed, Not Married, Have no kids, and am more than willing to just get up and relocate for 6 months, I have nothing holding me back. I have an urge for adventure and nature, Im not really afraid of much, I love all animals, hiking, and pretty much anything extreme. I have always been into activities that give me that rush of adrenaline. What holds me back from traveling the world is Income, I am not financially secured enough to travel, and thats what makes this opportunity my biggest dream come true.That being said, I would greatly appreciate to have this opportunity,
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Ignacio Banuelos
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