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Occupation:   Future CEO

Age:   20

Country:   United States



I travel to not only meet new people but also learn and experience a whole new culture. Traveling is something everyone wants to do in their lives and I happen to be one of them. To me, its a priority because I don't want to go on living with regrets and what if's. I may not be your first choice and clearly, as you're reading this, you've heard just about every reason as to why this person is uniquely suited to be a travel advocate. In all honesty, I feel as though no one has ever seen someone like me as a travel advocate meaning, I'm underestimated. I don't have thousands of followers like some social media stars but i do have what it takes to show everyone what having the time of their lives is like. That should be enough to encourage you and everyone who see's my posts (if picked) to hopefully choose me. Thank You.
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Idalis Aguilar
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