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Occupation:   Consultant/Minor Celebrity

Age:   53

Country:   United States



I travel to expose myself to different ideas, concepts, cultures, and experiences to stretch myself as a person. I was born in Jamaica and at the age of 3, my mother says that I was a difficult child to keep still. I was always exploring and investigating my surroundings. As I grew up, I realized that engaging people different from myself were exhilarating, educational and enlightening. While living in Germany, I travelled extensively throughout Europe and it was the fuel that ignited my travel fire, making it not only a priority but a way of life. So, over a year ago, I sold everything, including my franchise, grab my backpack and hopped on a plane to begin my desire to travel that I delayed for so long. Jamaica, St. Thomas, Paris, D.C., L.A., Florida, The Carolinas and currently in Austin, Texas. Austin, which I am happy to now call home. What's most interesting is the fact that I have NEVER visited Mexico. mi Madre es fluida espanol, So this is an enticing opportunity. I believe I am uniquely suited to be a travel advocate for Cancun because of my ability to embrace, engage and relate to people from anywhere. My experience under contract with NBC Universal as a contestant on the hit reality show The Apprentice was not only the ultimate job but, preparation for an experience exactly like this one, I have experience in front of the camera, dealing with the media, public relation challenges and dealing with high profile personalities. Since, the ascension of Donald Trump to the White House, this has provided interviews with the Associated Press, The BBC, Good Morning Britain, The Wall Street Journal and other outlets discussing how to navigate the challenges presented by a Trump administration. This would present a unique opportunity for the inclusive environment of Cancun, the diversity of staff, patrons and the Cancun community. The irony is that I have not visited Cancun or Mexico and so, this would lend an authenticity as I discover all the wonders, experiences and adventures Cancun has to offer! I would dedicate a segment on my blog genesiactravels to Cancun, in fact, Cancun could be the inaugural city that kicks off my treatment to present to production companies in my attempt to create a new travel program dedicated to travel, cultural diversity, food and how we are all connected. What makes me fit for an opportunity like this is my belief that people, not governments have more in common, shared dreams and goals and that everyone loves their country as much as the next person and we are more alike than not. I was an Ambassador as a member of the United States Air Force, I have managed millions as a Merrill Lynch Wealth Manager and now, it's about relating to people one on one with purpose and positively impacting their lives and as your Cheif Experience Officer, I would be in position to do just that.
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Genesiac Folkes
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