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Occupation:   Student

Age:   23

Country:   Jamaica



I travel for many reasons. I travel to learn about new things, I travel to learn about new culture, I travel because there are so many beautiful things in the world that everyone needs to see. My inspiration to travel started in Jamaica, where i started to travel to the rural areas and realising that nature is truly beautiful as our rural areas are barely touch by man so you see every beauty that mother nature has to offer. My other inspiration came from my favourite content maker and vlogger on Youtube, Casey Neistat who has been to many parts of the world (as shown in his videos) and he uses his videography skills (Which im into) to show that to the world. I feel suited to be a travel advocate for Cancun cause if, accepted as such, I will ensure to extensively research on the area so I can capture the beautiful place and edit it to the best of my ability to garner future visitors and to possibly boost Tourism in the area.
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Gavonne Gill
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