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Occupation:   Dance and english teacher

Age:   23

Country:   Argentina



Travel for me is not a holiday. I learned this last years traveling and living abroad that is a lifestyle if you want it. Is a key to open minds, travel keep my hearts beating and my eyes wide open for details. I enjoy meeting incredible people always I visit a new place. I try every tradicional food and drinks, of course! I like to learn about the cultures and stories of the places which talk about the people that lives there. The world is surrounded with beautiful things, views, hidden gems and crazy humans it’s uo to you to take your soul and body to experience it. Travel makes me feel I can do everything and I’m braver than I thought when I was a little girl. I won’t say I’m a serious person that’s not true! Life is too short so I tried to make it more interesting and fun. I’m just a young girl that dreams big and loves this life.
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Florencia Hornus
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