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Occupation:   CEO Administrative Assistant

Age:   26

Country:   France



I really love to travel abroad to learn new things, discover new landscapes and share it with my friends and family on social media. Travels allow me to escape myself and feel good, be happy in my life. Even if it's for professional work, travels allow you to work in another living environment. It's been a while I want to come to Cancun as I have a friend over there but still don't get the chance, Cancun is on my list for my new trips. As I am coming from French Caribbean I like sweet things (to eat, to drink), very open-minded, I really like to party, to dance. I am a very organized person and love to meet new people and speak with them like we know each other for a long time! So, I will be at ease to be a travel advocate for Cancun.
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Elody Ginga
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