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Occupation:   Martial arts instructor/dance

Age:   26

Country:   United States

Team Members:   Elizabeth Sparks, Benjamin Sparks, Sarai Sparks, Damen Sparks



My husband and I have the gypsy souls often disregarded by middle-income families our age: where we crave adventure and a little danger, where we strive for lives full of meaning, where we love our little family and the life we have built: we are locked into place by the mundane 9-5. We are uniquely equipped to take on this adventure because we understand the value of an experience and we can relay the authenticity of our experience clearly to others in such a way that makes their hearts catch for understanding and their voice say, "yes! I see it, too!". My husband and I can document Cancun from a variety of perspectives, genuine to ourselves: the adrenaline junkie, the mom seeking pampered relaxation, the parents out for a quiet and romantic weekend, the family vacation that breaks the paradigm that infants are not good travel buddies. We are both young and athletic and want the adventures and experiences college students thrive on while on summer break-we are only in our 20s, give us a hotel for a few days. Yet, as a businessman and sole proprietor, we can also offer the information other businessmen and women seek when searching for respectable and impressionable hotels for significant meetings. Set us up. And then sit back, relax, and watch us navigate through documenting our journey so that it is relatable, enjoyable, and authentic to your audience, instilling in them a desire to navigate towards Cancun, to soul search and enjoy an action packed or meditative vacation. (We've traveled together and separately throughout the US, Amsterdam, and Stockholm Sweden with kids in tow each time. It's really the only way to go, and I believe we can show others that, too).
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Elizabeth Ruggiero Sparks
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