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Occupation:   Lawyer

Age:   34

Country:   United States

Team Members:   Elizabeth Del Cid



You asked for a CEO, but would you take a conquistador? My name is Elizabeth Del Cid, Esq., word warrior by trade and gypsy at heart. I’m prepared to get in the saddle to conquer Cancun a todas horas. I’m a world traveler, so revisiting my favorite destination of them all will be my – our – chance to tell Cancun’s visitors what are the things they really must see. Sail the Virgin Islands? Ice fish in Minnesota? Zip line the Great Wall? You bet! I’m lucky to say these trips were just stepping stones on my path around the world. Camp by active volcanoes? Dive and swim through a shipwreck? Eat a 1,000 year old egg? These were a little tougher, but I lived to tell about them too. What’s next? Traveling with my daughter, Luna. She’ll be one at the start of your assignment. She already joins me on trips between Los Angeles and New York frequently, and she’s the best travel companion anyone could ever have. I would love to end the stigma around traveling with children and show vacationers that seeing the world though kids’ eyes is the most enchanting. And it can be conquered. So I have to make a correction. I may not be your CEO, but my Luna is. We would be ecstatic to meet you and tell you more. With passports in hand, we’re ready when you are!
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Elizabeth Del Cid
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