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Occupation:   None

Age:   18

Country:   United States



Not only do I feel uniquely suited for this because I want this so much, but because it's always been a dream. I have wanderlust and wish to travel the world. I am young, healthy, and very capable of handling all the travel. I travel to experience places I've never been, not just by being there and watching. But rather by doing everything I possibly can. I never turn down an opportunity for it. I can sit on the sidelines my whole life and work it away while dreaming abiut experiencing something better, or I can advocate, and push, and strive to accomplish it. This is why I know I am suited for this. I can show people everywhere that Cancun is an adventure of the best kind. You have news articles following you guys, tv stations, so much generated Buzz already. Imagine what would happen if you chose an 18 year old to do this. Rhe media coverage you would get?? Off the charts!! You may think its a risky choice, what if I am not camera material? Smart question, but not to worry. I have such a good on camera personality and I am just as smart, kind, and fun off camera as well. This is a great choice for you all to make. I understand things, so let's see what we can all accomplish!
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Dylan Poorman
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