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Occupation:   Digital creator & drone pilot

Age:   42

Country:   United States

Team Members:   Emily Wells



We truly LOVE Mexico. The country, the people. We don't just visit resorts and then fly back home. We are currently working for companies that allow us to work remotely on occasion. We are living and working in Puerto Vallarta this month! We are a modern, hip couple and my wife and I have stayed in all types of resorts and homes throughout various locations in Mexico. We are fun, relatable and understand what people are looking for because we are the audience you're trying to attract. We pay attention to the details and what sets certain places apart. We want to bring a rich experience to promoting Cancun, not just a highlight reel with electronic music. We want to show the richness and safety of Mexico through videos, interviews and photographs. Bonus is, we have equipment, experience and multiple drones at our disposal to create the many promotional marketing materials used in all the various social channels. Pick us, pick us! ;)
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Donny Wells
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