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Occupation:   Publisher

Age:   57

Country:   United States



I travel because I love exploring new places and meeting interesting people. I have been an avid world traveller since joining the USAF in 1978. After being stationed in England I began exploring Europe and the Mediterranean during my leaves and even visited Morocco and Egypt when Americans weren't that welcome. My partner and I visit Mexico every couple of years and have developed an affinity for the people and culture. (He is of Hispanic Heritage). We lived aboard our 61 foot sailboat and sailed from San Francisco to La Paz during our 3.5 years aboard her. I have visited many Mexican cities over the years and almost purchased a small hotel/marina on Isla Mujeres a few years ago. I have written extensively about Mexican tourism in Gaycation Magazine, one of the largest LGBT travel magazines in the U.S. which I own and publish. I would be able to bring an extensive social media network to the table and offer a unique platform to promote Cancun to a broad and niche audience through my media assets.
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DJ Doran
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