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Occupation:   Auto Technician

Age:   32

Country:   United States



I honestly dont travel cause i can not afford to do so. i am from a small town in New Hampshire/Vermont boarder and there is nothing here, we have a walmart & a few other small businesses, but there is no movie theater w/out traveling at least an hour and in the winter time thats just not worth it. So i go to work and come home. trying to get out and live my life is hard but this opertunity would make that a dream finally come true, getting out and exploring with this opertunity would be so beyond amazing and beyond my wildest dreams. this would be my prioity cause i have never seen anything outside NH/VT. I do love to take photos, and and love to be on social media so for you that would be an added bonus cause i would forever be uploading and talking and do facebook lives and twitter rants, and insta stories and getting people to like and follow me and learn about the wonderful things that this once in a lifetime experience would bring for me not only spititually, but mentally, emotionally, physically and so much more. i really hope that with experience not only can i get people to visit but maybe i can inspire others from small rural town to follow suit, and maybe inspire them to, take that adventure, take that chance, apply for that job, jump, leap, and discover or forever wish you had. i know i jumped on this the moment i saw it and said to myself, do it.. and well here i am doing it. So i really hope that i get picked, i would love to see what this journey has to offer, not only in the experience of travel but getting to see everything first hand. thank you for your time in reading this run on sentence, hoping for the best.
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Derrick Alger
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