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Occupation:   General Manager Restaurant

Age:   33

Country:   United Kingdom



I travel to chill, to relax, to adventure myself in a new culture, to analyse the little things that set each society apart and at the same time the little things they have together. In which part of a historic period have they collide? How have the cultures, habits, cuisines merged? That excites me! Travel becomes priority when I feel I need new vibes, new energy, to break the mud. I have never been to Cancun or Central America. I’m Brazilian born and moved tonight Scotland when I was 21, by myself, where I live since. I’m a little Ambassador for customer service in Scotland (awarded multiple awards every year since 2008). My main job is opening new restaurants (different cuisines: French, seafood, Mexican, Indian, Italian and now Pan-Asian) and bring a bit of the culture of those places into the dining atmosphere of the restaurant. I’m known as Denny Pereira in Scotland. I think I can bring that into Cancun and help show the world the beauty within the city and the surrounding area. And I absolutely love a challenge and immerse myself within it. Just for the info, I have deleted my previous Instagram and Twitter account, as part of "one month experience" without social media, and because I had to focus on the restaurant. So I created two new ones so I could apply for this job. Nothing against social media, but at the time was not suitable for the specific purpose of my live. And now I actually came up with an username I like it as well :)
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Dener Pereira
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