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Occupation:   Journalist

Age:   36

Country:   Chile

Team Members:   César Norambuena



We travel because we love discovering different realities. On our last trip for seven months in Europe (which ended two weeks ago) we discovered different cultures, realities, customs, which not only surprise you but also open your eyes. We look for: experiences that make us look at life from another perspective. Why do we think we are able to promote Cancun? Because we love Mexico !!! We are fascinated by their culture, their people, their way of seeing life and its natural wonders. Also, somehow we feel Mexican, since we got married in Mexico (Playa del Carmen) a year and a half ago, and without a doubt, it is one of the countries we would return to again and again. And today, we would love to show everyone, what it is to live there, for them we have the technical means (cameras, drone, edition) to do a professional job and show what is often not seen, and that everyone discover with us this wonderful city.
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Daniela Urrizola
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