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Occupation:   Computer Programmer

Age:   53

Country:   United States



This is amazing! My current plan is to retire in the spring and become a full time adventure traveler. I am building a set of videos that I plan to release in the spring from my weekend adventures. Starting spring 2018 my plan was to go on longer adventures and create videos from those adventures and release them on YouTube/Patreon. About me: Past: First Person to bike from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole. (look me, Daniel Burton, up on wikipedia) I got into mountain biking to improve my fitness and keep from dying early from high cholesterol and high blood pressure. I left my career as a computer programmer and for 7 years I ran a bike shop in Saratoga Springs Utah which ultimately lead to me biking to the South Pole. Current: I spent a lot of money on my bike shop and eventually had to go back to programming so I can pay off my bike shop debt. Future: My goal is to get the bike shop debt payed off and then earn enough money to buy a sailboat, and then I plan on building sail/mountain biking videos. In the meantime I am making videos from my mini "adventures". I will be creating biking, traveling, adventure, and other videos. To start with these will be occasional weekend warrior adventures and such. Starting Spring 2018 the adventures will become longer and more adventurous. December 2018 will be the 5 year anniversary of my South Pole Epic. I will be releasing a series of videos to tell that story in November 2018 - January 2019. Certified scuba diver, athletic, mature, fun loving, and always up for an adventure.
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Daniel Burton
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