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Occupation:   Engineer and Bartender

Age:   27

Country:   United States



I have traveled to the Bahamas, Spain, and Costa Rica. Coming into contact with these areas gives a great understanding of the beauty of the world. There is so much that can only be experienced and understood when you travel. For example the connection you get with people you travel alongside. Only when you are standing in that spot with that person will they truly understand the experience. That is something that will not be shared with anyone else. It makes it extremely personal and allows a specific connection. This can be shared between family members, couples, friends, or strangers. There is not only the nightlife scene but also the adventure and historical aspect. I am in love with it all. I am unique as I have no problem putting in the work as well as the fun. When I will be in Cancun I will want to try everything. Lets do it all and sleep later. I work over 100 hours a week. Very fit and active. Scuba certified. Let's go climb, hike, explore , taste, drink, study, and every other thing that is possible so we can share the beauty of Cancun with the world.
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Cody Langlois
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