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Occupation:   Social Media Analyst

Age:   22

Country:   United States



I travel to experience culture! I travel to get out of my comfort zone and to allow the world to present me with new experiences. Traveling is a priority because it creates an opening for you to expand yourself. You experience a new culture, the food, the people. Traveling allows us to understand each other better because when you travel you put yourself in the foreign atmosphere than can now relate more to the people who experience that lifestyle on a daily basis. Traveling for me also brings a sense of calamity and peace. Traveling to Costa Rica, seeing how different the climate was and the vegetation brings a sense of "the world is so much bigger than me" feeling. You become more humble and appreciative of the abundant beauty the world has to offer. Traveling helps you remember and reconnect with yourself. I am suited to be a travel advocate not only because I have experience traveling, but also because I am culturally diverse, amicable, professional, empowering, marketable, sociable and so much more.
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Cassandra Whittington
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